Karen Kirts

National Board-Certified Reflexologist

National Affiliations: American Reflexology Certification Board,

Reflexology Association of America

State Affiliations: Reflexology Association of Ohio

Education: B.S., Ohio State University; Baltimore School of Reflexology

Karen Kirts is a national board-certified reflexologist and Kundalini Reiki Master who delivers a relaxing hour of healthful benefits to help you enjoy life more fully. Although she individualizes every appointment to meet each client's needs, a typical session begins with her reflexing your ears, which often assists your body in attaining balance; your hands are next in line for her soothing attention; and finally she culminates your sessions with in-depth work on the reflexes of your feet.  On the back of her business card is her short poem: "Thanks for being in my chair (or table). Plan to lose your aches and cares. You can talk or you can snooze...Just relax!  This time's for YOU!" 

   Karen Kirts

   National Board Certified Reflexologist


   309 South Main Street

   Marion, OH 43302


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